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Find maps and other imagery, upload, and rectify against a real map.

You can then download and use the rectified map in your mapping applications.

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What is it?

It's a free to use, open source map warper / map georectifier, and image georeferencer tool. Developed, hosted and maintained by Tim Waters, this project is supported by Topomancy LLC and the New York Public Library.

Mail me at for more information!


What’s coming to – new stuff! is getting an upgrade of code early this first week in April. New things: Keyboard shortcuts New JSON-API and docs Map caching for faster maps Bigger map windows Upgraded... read more

Mapwarper Tutorial & Spatial Humanities Workshop by Lincoln Mullen
Lincoln Mullen has written a great series of workshops on the Spatial / Digital Humanities over five days. Day 3 is focused around Georectification with and is a very... read more

Doing Digital History 2016 – Map Warper Tutorial
Doing Digital History 2016 is a two week Summer institute sponsored by National Endowment for the Humanities and was held at George Mason university in DC/Arlington earlier in the year.... read more

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Last Rectified Maps

Map Title Year Last Updated Status
Chibakenyouranmap 1925
2017 about 2 hours ago 160 control points
Map of paramaribo 1941
it's a map
2017 about 2 hours ago 3 control points
Nos2 txu oclc 51897369 paramaribo 1941
From University of Texas digital map collection.
2017 about 2 hours ago 3 control points
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Recent Mosaics

Mosaic Title Year Last Updated Number of Maps Percentage Complete
1875 charlestown hopkins atlas plate a 1875 Atlas of Charlestown - Hopkins and Co. 00m140
1875 Atlas of Charlestown - Hopkins and Co. 00m140 MOSAIC Photoshopped / Aligned for Mapjunction by Rory McCarthy on - Atlas of the county of Suffolk, Massachusetts, vol. 6 : including the late city of Charlestown, now wards 20, 21, 22 City of Boston, G.M. Hopkins & Co., 1875 Compiled by Mapjunction. Download KML
1875 about 17 hours ago 15 maps 100%
(15 maps)
Or atlas plate 57 2 Atlanta Campaign Epoch Mosaic
Compiled by Robert Hale. Download KML
2 days ago 4 maps 100%
(4 maps)
Irl ww 11 1911 6inch near sallygap BrianH Dublin Historic
Compiled by Brian Hollinshead. Download KML
3 days ago 39 maps 100%
(39 maps)
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