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What is it?

It's a free to use, open source map warper / map georectifier, and image georeferencer tool for individuals and small groups. Developed, hosted and maintained by Tim Waters. If you like this project, please consider donating to keep the project going.

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New shortcuts and add layer features in has been updated with several months of the latest code. Some of these features are directed towards the rectify map interface with the addition of keyboard shortcuts and the... read more

What’s coming to – new stuff! is getting an upgrade of code early this first week in April. New things: Keyboard shortcuts New JSON-API and docs Map caching for faster maps Bigger map windows Upgraded... read more

Mapwarper Tutorial & Spatial Humanities Workshop by Lincoln Mullen
Lincoln Mullen has written a great series of workshops on the Spatial / Digital Humanities over five days. Day 3 is focused around Georectification with and is a very... read more

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Last Rectified Maps

Map Title Year Last Updated Status
Navyleaguemapoftheworld crop
Navy League map of the British Empire
2018 about 2 hours ago 119 control points
El caribe  1576
2018 about 2 hours ago 4 control points
Mapa nueva granada
Plan Geografico del Virreinato de Santafe de Bogota Nuevo Reyno de Granada, que manifiesta su demarcación territorial, islas, ríos principales, prouincias y plazas de armas; lo que ocvpan indios barbaros y naciones extranjeras; demostrando los confines de los dos Reynos de Lima, Mexico, y establecimientos de Portvga, sus lindantes; con notas historiales del ingreso anual de sus rentas reales, y noticias relatiuas a su actual estado civil, político y militar. Formado en servicio del Rey Nuestro. Señor. Por el D. D. Francisco Moreno, y Escandòn, Fiscal Protector de la Real Avdiencia de Santa Fe y Juez Conseruador de Rents. Lo delineo D. Joseph Aparicio Morata año de 1772. Gouernando el Reyno el Exelentísimo Señor. Bailio Frey D. Pedro Messia de la Cerda. Fiel reproducción del original elaborada por el Instituto Geográfico Militar de Colombia a solicitud de la Academia de Historia. -1936- Dibujaron J. Restrepo Rivera- A. Villaveces R. - O. Roa A. – R. García P.
2018 about 3 hours ago 4 control points
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Recent Mosaics

Mosaic Title Year Last Updated Number of Maps Percentage Complete
Irl gsgs 3906 29 25 ne stamullin IRL-GSGS-3906-County Dublin
IRL-GSGS-3906-County Dublin Compiled by Brian Hollinshead. Links: Source / Biblio Ref Download KML
about 20 hours ago 16 maps 100%
(16 maps)
Australia My Layer!
Compiled by giovannini. Download KML
3 days ago 5 maps 100%
(5 maps)
Nypl.digitalcollections.a6fc7620 45d5 0132 a65e 58d385a7b928.001.g Atlas of borough of the Bronx, Sections 9 10 11 12 & 13 : from actual surveys and official plans 1921
Compiled by AlanL. Links: Source / Biblio Ref Download KML
1921 3 days ago 3 maps 100%
(3 maps)
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